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300+ Best April Fools Jokes: A List of Hilarious Pranks to Try This Year

April Fools' Day is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the best pranks to pull on your friends and family. Whether you're looking for something simple or a more elaborate joke, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we'll be sharing some of the best April Fools' jokes to try this year. April Fools' Day is a day to let loose and have some fun with those around you. Whether you're looking to prank your coworkers, family, or friends, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we've put together a list of some of the best April Fools' jokes that are sure to have everyone laughing.


  1. After placing coffee grounds inside the toilet tank and flushing a few times, the brown water is going to make it awkward between all of your housemates, to say the least
  2. Another classic prank idea? Strategically pat someone on the back while leaving behind a sticky note
  3. April Fool’s Day Jokes For SMS and WhatsApp Messages
  4. At the office, put tape under a coworker's computer mouse, and watch them try to figure out why it's not working
  5. Boss just told me that you are soon going to be transferred to Iceland to get some ice for our office…. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.
  6. Bring chocolate chip cookies into the office that are actually filled with raisins
  7. Bring her a breakfast of the strangest things like toothpaste sandwiches, cereal soup, or just broken eggshells.
  8. By putting jelly beans in the ice dispenser, anyone who preps for a cold glass of water will get another cool surprise spilling into their cup instead
  9. Change her ringtone to something funny.
  10. Change the keyboard shortcuts in a bud's phone to drive them crazy with incorrect grammar or a completely different word choice popping up instead
  11. Change the language setting on your parents' phone to a language they don't understand, and then watch as they struggle to change it back.
  12. Change the name of your family WhatsApp group chat to something outrageous, like The Llamas of Justice or The Bandar Brigade.
  13. Change the notification sound on a family member's phone, so when they receive a WhatsApp message, it'll make a ridiculous sound like animalbird calls or a flushing toilet.
  14. Coat a few cotton balls in chocolate and freeze them. Offer them as a sweet treat to your wife and girlfriend and watch her struggle with it
  15. Cover the soap in your parent's bathroom with clear nail polish, so when they go for a bath, it won’t lather.
  16. Cram your coworker's office full of boy band photos to really give them a laugh
  17. Create a fake exam result for your friend and send it to them via WhatsApp. Make it look as convincing as possible, and watch them freak out before revealing it's just a prank.
  18. Create a fake news story and share it with your friends on WhatsApp. Make it outrageous and funny.
  19. Create Brussels sprout cake pops that look super-appetizing, but become quite the surprise at first-bite
  20. During a video chat with your BFF, pretend you’re telling an exciting story with your lips moving and giving animated expressions/gestures, without actually saying a word
  21. Fill a doughnut up with mayo and expect plenty of cringe-worthy reactions
  22. Fill a doughnut with mayonnaise and offer it to your friends. Record their reactions to make fun of them later.
  23. Fill up a doughnut box (think something obvious, like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts) with veggies inside, and listen for the reactions near the break room at work
  24. Find a GIF of the infamous typing dots, and text it to different members of your fam, who will be so curious about what you could be writing to them for such a long time
  25. Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk overnight, and your child will wonder why on earth they can't spoon it out the next morning
  26. Get a cardboard cutout of an actor or singer and put it in the shower to really startle your family
  27. Get a pack of Oreos and switch the creamy filling with toothpaste before distributing them amongst your colleagues.
  28. Get crafty by adding googly eyes to everything in your kids' or spouse's packed lunch
  29. Get your hands on a fake coffee spill toy. Place it on your colleagues laptop or stack of important files and papers when they’re not looking to freak them out. You can use this on different people in the office.
  30. Give out fake scratch-offs that will claim they won $50,000
  31. Give your wife or girlfriend a good ol’ jumpscare from behind the fridge, sofa, closets, etc.
  32. Go for the classic April Fools' prank—jump out and scare someone who least expects it
  33. Go live on Instagram with your phone pointed at something beyond-boring, leave it there for a while, and see what people have commented
  34. Have fun putting fake parking tickets on the windshield of one of your teens, or your BFF, and watch them sweat
  35. Homdipoo Realistic Fake Rubber Snake Toys Black Fake Snakes That Look Real Prank Stuff Cobra Snake 49 Inch Long
  36. How To Make April Fools Out Of Your Wife Or Girlfriend
  37. I always thought you were smart and intelligent until I was in the same team as you….. Now I have very different opinions about you.
  38. I might have not wished you on Holi or Diwali, Christmas or New Year, but I want to wish you on the most special day of the year for you. Happy April Fool's Day to you.
  39. If you have a baby at home, spread some nutella or peanut butter on a clean diaper and tell your partner something’s wrong with the baby’s poop, before proceeding to get your hands dirty in it and leaving her horrified.
  40. If you have access to a friend's FB (someone who's a serious social media fan), change their posts' visibility to private for the day and see how long they'll last before inquiring about their lack of likes
  41. If you stay away from family, do the good ol’ trick where you call them on WhatsApp and pretend to tell a really interesting story while just moving your lips without making a sound.
  42. If you’re a pet parent, put peanut butter on the floor when no one’s looking and then call your partner or parents to show them the ‘mess’ your pet has created. Proceed to touch it with your hands and spread it around before pretending to lick it off your fingers
  43. If your colleague uses a mouse, block its sensor with a Post-It note and scribble a funny message on it.
  44. If your colleagues use a Windows computer, press the Ctrl, Alt, and downward arrow keys to flip the display screen upside down on their laptop. You can bring it back to normal by pressing Ctrl, Alt, and the upward arrow key together
  45. If your palm is bigger than your face then you are born with a smart brain and if you just tried that then you know who you are. Happy April Fool’s Day.
  46. In the morning, hide all of your K-Cups or ground coffee and see how long it takes before panic ensues in your household
  47. It is not easy to make a fool out of your own self but I must say that you have done a fairly good job. Wishing you a very Happy April Fool’s Day.
  48. It will take time and dedication, but by covering a buddy's car in cling wrap, you'll be sure to give them an April Fools' Day they'll never forget
  49. Keep ‘chocolate chip’ cookies on the kitchen counter in the office that are actually filled with raisins
  50. Keep sending her messages every hour like This number does not exist anymore or Please beware of messages from (add your number) to avoid a malware attack.
  51. Leave a bag of french fry soap in the shower to really confuse anyone who sees it
  52. Leave an envelope with a bunch of keys and a note on your office bestie’s desk that says Keys to your new house. Keep working hard
  53. Make a mashed potato and gravy sundae that looks just like ice cream and caramel sauce, but is definitely more dinner than dessert
  54. Make a statement on social media that's totally outrageous, yet kind of believable? Just be prepared to remind your followers about what day it is afterward
  55. Many of us have certain shows that we have to watch with our spouse or roommate, without jumping ahead. So, go through the episode list and start playing the show a few episodes further, so they think you've gone further without them. When you sit down together later to watch, try to keep a straight face as they realize something's not right
  56. Mix together M&M's, Skittles, and Reese's Pieces all in one bowl. Whether it's displayed at home or at work, those who grab a couple of handfuls will be in for a shocking treat
  57. Offer to cook something and make your mom and dad taste it on a spoon. Add lots of salt, sugar, or any other crazy ingredient to the spoon to shock them.
  58. On a Windows computer, press the Ctrl, Alt, and downward arrow keys to flip the display screen upside down. You can turn it back by pushing Ctrl, Alt, and the upward arrow key together
  59. Open up boxes of snacks that you have at home (like Cheez-Its, granola bars, etc.) and remove the individually-wrapped items or the bags that hold the actual treats, so that all of the boxes are empty in the pantry
  60. Order takeout, and when you receive the meal, hide whatever your significant other ordered. Then, try to keep a poker face while they assume their food is missing
  61. Organise a treasure hunt for a colleague by leaving them notes in different places. The final note can lead to a funny toy or something hilarious.
  62. Place a fake piece of poop slime on your friend’s bag and act alarmed and disgusted.
  63. Place a jolly rancher or two in the showerhead so that the water comes out sticky (and potentially a little colorful)
  64. Place a Please honk and wave—April Fools' prank sign on the back of your car to either confuse your spouse or roommate on the way to work, or your children going to school
  65. Play with a remote control spider toy around the house or office to really freak people out
  66. Prank call your friend to say you’re calling from the bank and have noticed a theft in his account.
  67. Purchase a sterile cup, fill it with apple juice, and drink out of it throughout the day
  68. Put a broken glass sticker on your dad’s car and watch him freak out about the ‘damage’.
  69. Put a For Sale sign out in your yard before the kids go to school
  70. Put fake broken glass decals on the windows of a friend's home or car and watch them lose their minds before realizing it's a joke
  71. Put one half of a fake Rs. 500 note inside a friend's book, so it sticks out invitingly. Attach it to a larger handwritten note that says, April Fools
  72. Put the corner of a dollar bill outside of a book so that it's poking out, but attach that small sample to a larger note that says, April Fools
  73. Put your own spin on the viral poop challenge prank that’s been going around while everyone has been social-distancing: Put peanut butter on your bathroom’s toilet paper roll to confuse and disgust your family member(s)
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  76. Replace soap in the bathroom with a crisp toast to give her a morning surprise.
  77. Replace the inside of your roommate's deodorant with cream cheese
  78. Replace the TP with a roll of packing tape on your bathroom's toilet paper holder
  79. Replace your friend’s glass of Pepsi or Coca Cola with soy sauce.
  80. Rub some food dye onto the bottom of your faucet to make the tap water colorful and startling at the same time
  81. Scare your family with a stray fake cockroach on the bed, their neck, etc.
  82. Send a message on your family WhatsApp group chat saying that you've decided to drop out of school or quit your job, and watch as they react before revealing it was just a prank.
  83. Send a message to a friend asking them to cover for you because you're sick or have an emergency, and then show up in class or at school as if nothing happened.
  84. Send automatic, fun cat facts to your friends' phones through the Cat Facts app, and LOL as you can view their replies as well
  85. Send automatic, fun messages to your friends' phones by subscribing them for the Cat Facts app, and laugh at their frustrated replies to unsubscribe
  86. Send food at your friend’s address and keep the payment mode as cash on delivery. This will positively freak out your friend and his family
  87. Send her a WhatsApp message that says, I have to tell you something, and then don’t reply for 2-3 hours.
  88. Send out an official announcement asking your colleagues to come early for a meeting and then reach late yourself, only to reveal it was a prank.
  89. Send the typing dots GIF to someone with an iPhone and leave them wondering about what’s taking you so long to type.
  90. Send these as SMSes or Whatsapp messages on April Fool’s Day to your friends, girlfriend, wife and co-workers for a good laugh
  91. Send this April Fools message on WhatsApp to annoy her: You have a sweet smile, a sweet voice. I tell sweet lies.
  92. Send your friend a glitter bomb envelope in the mail that has April Fools written inside
  93. Set out this Snake in a Can gag which looks like a potato chip can, but actually contains a four-foot snake that springs out when the top is opened
  94. Sit for breakfast with your family and take out a sterile cup (one that’s often used for urine collection) filled with apple juice. Drink out of it confidently and watch your family stare at you in shock
  95. So many of Jim's best moments on The Office come from his pranks on Dwight. In honor of the ultimate prankster, stick a stapler in jello and leave it on the desk of one of your own officemates
  96. Sorry in advance to whoever is on the receiving end of this prank, but one way to really shock someone is by leaving fake poop out somewhere in your home, car, or workplace
  97. Stick a straw into a yellow mustard packet, put the packet in an unsuspecting pal's can of soda or sparkling water, and wait for hilarity to ensue
  98. Stick clear plastic wrap over the toilet, but be prepared for a clean-up that's slightly less funny
  99. Stuff toilet paper in the toe of your kids' or roommates' shoes, and see how long it takes for them to figure out the prank
  100. Swap the salt and sugar containers so when she makes her first cup of chai or coffee, she’ll be in for a surprise
  101. Switch out the sock drawers of every member of your family. They’ll be so confused as they get ready for school or work
  102. Switch out the wrappers of small chocolate eggs and place them over grapes instead—a much healthier snack than anyone would expect
  103. Switch out two (or more) bags of cereal from their boxes for the ultimate gotcha moment in the morning
  104. Take a screenshot of your coworker or friend's computer (or phone desktop), and leave the picture up so that they can't figure out why nothing on their desktop is opening
  105. Take a small box of slime and throw it on your friend’s notebook or neck.
  106. Take inspiration from The Office and pull a Jim Halpert prank by wrapping your colleague’s desk in colourful wrapping paper or plastic wrap which is harder to take off.
  107. Take your colleague’s iPhone and turn the icons of all their apps into cat pictures with iPhoneception.
  108. Tape fake roaches inside a lampshade with the light on—talk about making everyone immediately feel creepy-crawly
  109. Tell them that your remote now works on voice command and watch them try to scream instructions at the remote that cant do a thing.
  110. Tell your colleagues there are brownies in the kitchen and place a box filled with brown paper cut outs of the alphabet E.
  111. Tell your neighbor you saw a dog in their yard at the side of their house. Before they look out, place an April Fools sign in the grass
  112. Tell your wife or girlfriend to meet you in the bedroom for a special outfit and dress in the most ridiculous clothes to make her laugh.
  113. There are plenty of apps that you can download to a friend's phone, but one that they might legitimately get a kick out of is Pun of the Day—you can keep those jokes coming throughout the whole year
  114. Unscrew the shampoo or conditioner bottle in your parent's bathroom and cover the top with plastic wrap. They’ll be puzzled about why the shampoo isn’t coming out despite the bottle being full
  115. Use a small sticker or tape to cover the sensor of your TV remote and watch her struggle to make it work
  116. Use a voice-changing app to disguise your voice and prank call your friends on WhatsApp. You can pretend to be someone else, or just say something silly and see how they react.
  117. Use iPhoneception on your bestie's phone to make all of their apps look like cats (there are also Zombie, Explosion, and Gravity options)
  118. Use WhatsApp's Status feature to post a fake announcement, such as I'm moving to Australia tomorrow and see how many family members believe it before revealing it was just a prank.
  119. Wake up early on April Fools' Day and turn everything that you can think of upside down in the house
  120. While making dinner, ask a loved one to taste-test what’s on the spoon… Only mix up some crazy ingredients from your fridge ahead of time and place that on the spoon instead of what you’re cooking
  121. You always surprise me with your humour, talent, personality and now I just impressed you with my skills to surprise you with my lies….. Happy April Fool’s Day.
  122. You are beautifool, wonderfool, helpfool, colourfool and therefore, I want to send my best wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.
  123. You are one who is INTELLIGENT, You are the one who is CHARMING, You are the one who is CUTE and I am the one who is spreading RUMOURS.
  124. You are required to submit your project on your birthday which falls on the first of April…. Best wishes on April Fool’s Day to you.
  125. You are the best, you are cool but above all you are a fool. Happy April Fool’s day.
  126. You can also get poetic with a hilarious shayari for April Fool's Day: Hasino se rasme wafa nibhana aur dil lagana zindagi ki sabse badi bhool hai…. Jis din ye karein ikrar mohabbat ka…samajh jana janeman ki us din kuch aur nahin April fool hai.
  127. You can also use the fake poop slime again and place it on a colleague's car to gross him out.
  128. You'll hear plenty of sss-screams after hiding rubber snakes in the dressers of your kids and/or spouse

Best April Fools' Jokes

  1. A and C were going to prank their friend … but they just letter B.
  2. A couple of pranksters broke into the local police station and stole all the lavatory equipment. A spokesperson was quoted as saying, We have absolutely nothing to go on.
  3. A woman went into a seafood restaurant and requested a lobster tail. The waiter smiled and said, Once upon a time there was this handsome lobster…
  4. April Fools’ Day is a great day to pull pranks. Except on me, if you’re smart.
  5. April Fools’ Day is like a huge open mic night: Millions of people go out of their way to demonstrate how unfunny they are.
  6. April Fools’ Day is the favorite holiday of which animal? The silly goose
  7. Babies born on March 31 are the easiest to prank on April Fools’ Day. They were literally born yesterday
  8. Believe nothing and trust no one this April Fools’ Day. So it’s just like any other day.
  9. Did you hear about the guy who lost the left side of his body? He's alright now.
  10. Did you hear about the guy who swapped the labels on the pumps at the gas station? It was an April Fuels’ joke.
  11. Did you hear about the pun that was actually funny? Neither have we.
  12. Did you hear they arrested the devil? It's true They got him on possession.
  13. Excuse me, sir. Do you think they named April Fools’ Day in your honor?
  14. Have you heard about the successful florist in town? Business is positively blooming.
  15. How does a husband scare his wife on April 1? He opens a prank account
  16. I don’t always joke on April Fools’ Day. Just kidding, I do.
  17. I’m going to pull an April Fools’ Day prank on my landlord by not paying rent. Just kidding, rent isn’t due today
  18. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims.
  19. Joke’s on you, April Fools’ Day. I can be fooled any day of the year.
  20. My favorite April Fools’ Day prank is pretending I’m going to leave my couch … On my way out.
  21. There are some friends you know will never pull an April Fools’ Day prank. Because they think it’s still March.
  22. What did April Fools’ Day say after it won an award? Prank you.
  23. What do bank tellers hand out on April 1? Prank card numbers.
  24. What do servicemen do on April 1? They call up the prank and file
  25. What do you call a hammer bought on April 1? An April tool.
  26. What do you call a realistic prankster? A practical joker.
  27. What do you call a research organization on April Fools' Day? A think prank.
  28. What do you call an overflowing toilet on April Fools' Day? A septic prank.
  29. What do you say when it’s raining chickens and ducks on April Fools’ Day? It’s fowl spring weather.
  30. What do you write in a birthday card on April Fools' Day? You can prank me later.
  31. What is a prankster’s favorite toy? Silly String
  32. What monster has the most fun on April Fools' Day? Prank-enstein.
  33. What monster plays the most April Fools’ jokes? Prankenstein.
  34. What’s a stepladder’s favorite holiday? April Stools’ Day.
  35. What’s one bone a prankster doesn’t want to break on April Fools’ Day? The humerus.
  36. What’s the April Fool’s lucky card in the deck? The Joker.
  37. What’s the biggest difference between Thanksgiving and April Fools’ Day? On one you’re thankful, and on the other you’re prankful.
  38. Which day is the worst to propose on? April Fools’ Day.
  39. Who needs a day for the fools? I’m surrounded by them all year.
  40. Who needs April Fools’ when your whole life is a joke? April fools.
  41. Why can April jump so high? It’s spring
  42. Why do eggs like April Fools’ Day? They love practical yolks.
  43. Why do omelettes love April Fools' Day? They enjoy practical yolks.
  44. Why was the donkey annoying his friend? It was April Mules’ Day.
  45. You should know that no one understood it was an April Fools’ joke. No one expected you to have a sense of humor.

Jokes for friends

  1. A cartoonist was found unconscious at home; details are sketchy.
  2. A dad was upset to find his son at home in front of a roaring fire because they didn't have a fireplace
  3. A persistent banker won't stop calling me, so I asked him to leave me a loan.
  4. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
  5. Babies born on March 31 are so easy to prank on April Fools' Day. I mean, they were literally born yesterday.
  6. Did you hear about the human cannonball? Too bad he got fired
  7. Did you hear the story about the guy who switched the labels on the pumps at the gas station? It was an April Fuels' joke.
  8. How come flowers don't like riding bicycles? They keep losing their petals.
  9. I couldn't work out how to fix the washing machine so I threw in the towel.
  10. I have a great April Fools' joke about construction, but I'm still working on it.
  11. I lost all my winter weight, now I just have spring rolls.
  12. I was going to tell you an April Fools' Day joke about an old plane, but I just don't think it'll fly today.
  13. I was going to tell you an April Fools' joke about boxing, but I forget the punch line.
  14. I went to a seafood disco last week... and pulled a mussel.
  15. I'm being accused of being a plagiarist—their word not mine.
  16. Knock, knock Who's there? Anita. Anita who? Anita know when April Fools' Day is.
  17. Knock, knock Who's there? Lenny. Lenny who? Lenny know when you've come up with a better April Fools' Day joke I can tell.
  18. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know April Fools' is on April 1.
  19. Knock, knock Who's there? Some bunny. Some bunny who? Some bunny's been pranking me all April Fools' Day.
  20. Some people say you look better with glasses—I really can't see it
  21. Stay away from people using umbrellas today. They seem to be under the weather.
  22. The future, the present, and the past walked into a bar—things got a little tense.
  23. The one day of the week that eggs are definitely afraid of is Fry-day.
  24. The police were called to a daycare yesterday. Apparently, a 2-year-old was resisting a rest.
  25. What did one blossom say to the other? Let's be best buds.
  26. What did one egg say to the other on April 1? Heard any good yolks today?
  27. What did one spring flower say to the other? You just gotta be-leaf in yourself
  28. What did Rhett Butler say to Scarlett O'Hara on April 1? Prankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
  29. What did summer say to spring? Help, I'm about to fall
  30. What did the ghost say on April 1? April Ghoul's Day
  31. What did the hammer say on April 1? April Tools' Day
  32. What did the lifeguard say on April 1? April Pools' Day
  33. What do you call a girl with one leg that's shorter than the other? Ilene.
  34. What do you call Frank Sinatra on April 1? Prank Sinatra
  35. What's the difference between Christmas and April 1? One's all about yule and the other is all about fools.
  36. Who needs just one day for fools? I'm surrounded by them 365 days a year
  37. Why did the egg hide? It was a little chicken.
  38. Why is everyone so tired on April 1? Because they just finished a 31-day March.
  39. You've heard that April showers bring May flowers, but do you know what May flowers bring? Pilgrims, mostly.

Jokes for kids

  1. Did you hear the April Fools' Day joke about butter? Well, maybe I shouldn't spread it…
  2. Did you know bees become indecisive after April? They become May-bees.
  3. Do you know about April 1? You should be fooly aware of it
  4. I was going to take your cheese as an April Fools' Day prank, but someone caught me and said that's nacho cheese
  5. Knock, knock Who's there? Noah. Noah who? Noah funny April Fools' joke I can tell my friends?
  6. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know I have a ton of April Fools' Day pranks planned for you
  7. What did April 1 say when it won an award? Prank you very much
  8. What did one blossom say to the other? You gotta be-leaf in yourself
  9. What did the ocean say to the beach on April Fools' Day? Nothing, it just waved.
  10. What did the tree say when April finally arrived? What a re-leaf.
  11. What do you call a screwdriver on April 1? An April Tool
  12. What do you call an egg who likes to play pranks? A practical yolk-er
  13. When does an April Fools' joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.
  14. Who needs April Fools' Day to pull pranks when I live with a practical joker like you?
  15. With friends like you, I don't need to wait for April 1. You're always a fool
  16. April 1 means spring is here I got so excited about it that I wet my plants.
  17. Can February March? No, but April May.
  18. Can I tell you an April Fools' Day joke about elevators? It works on many levels.
  19. Did you hear about the daisy that was excited for spring? It wet its plants.
  20. How did the skeleton know that April showers were coming? He could feel it in his bones.
  21. How does a skeleton know that April showers are on the way? It can feel it in its bones.
  22. How does April Fools' Day end? With a Y, of course.
  23. How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles.
  24. I have an April Fools' Day joke about chemistry, but I don't think it will get a reaction.
  25. I was going to tell a time-traveling joke for April Fools' Day, but you didn't like it.
  26. I was going to tell you a pizza joke for April Fools' Day, but it was too cheesy.
  27. Knock knock. Who's there? Candice. Candice who? Candice April Fools' joke get any worse?
  28. Knock, knock Who's there? Boo. Boo who? Don't cry, it's just a funny April Fools' joke.
  29. Knock, knock Who's there? Lenny. Lenny who? Lenny know when you're done with these silly April Fools' Day jokes.
  30. Knock, knock Who's there? Noah. Noah who? Noah April Fools' joke?
  31. Knock, knock. Who's there? Boo. Boo hoo? Don't cry, April Fools will be back next year
  32. Knock, knock. Who's there? Lena. Lena who? Lena little closer, and I'll tell you another April Fools' joke.
  33. Knock, knock. Who's there? Wooden shoe. Wooden shoe who? Wooden shoe like to hear another April Fools' joke?
  34. Wanna hear an April Fools' Day joke about paper? Never mind—it's tearable.
  35. Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it's wearable.
  36. What always goes up when April showers come down? An umbrella.
  37. What did April Fools' say when it received a gift? Well, prank you
  38. What did one spring chicken say to the other? You're looking egg-cellent.
  39. What did the calendar say after April Fools' was declared a holiday? Prank you very much
  40. What did the donkey say on April 1? April Mule's Day
  41. What goes up when April showers come down? An umbrella.
  42. What kind of rabbit tells April Fools' jokes? A funny bunny.
  43. What spring flower grows between your nose and chin? Two-lips.
  44. Which creature loves April Fools' Day? Prank-enstein.
  45. Why are the frogs so happy today? They eat whatever bugs them.
  46. Why can't you plant spring flowers? Because you haven't botany
  47. Why do hard-boiled eggs love April Fools'? They enjoy practical yolks.
  48. Why don't eggs tell April Fools' jokes? They'd crack each other up.

Knock Knock Jokes

  1. Knock, knock Who's there? April. April who? April Fools'
  2. Knock, knock Who's there? Beak. Beak who? Beak careful that you don't get pranked on April Fools' Day.
  3. Knock, knock Who's there? Beets. Beets who? Beets me
  4. Knock, knock Who's there? Boo. Boo who? Please, don't cry, it's only a joke
  5. Knock, knock Who's there? No. No who? Nobody — April Fools'
  6. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You really otto know an April Fools' joke when you hear one.
  7. Knock, knock Who's there? Sinatra Sinatra who? Prank Sinatra, of course
  8. Knock, knock Who's there? Sue. Sue who? Sue-prise It's April Fools'
  9. Knock, knock Who's there? Wool Wool who? Wool you have the best day today?
  10. Knock, knock Who’s there? Tree. Tree who? Have a tree-rific day

School Jokes

  1. I don't need April Fools' Day—I'm surrounded by a bunch of jokers every day between 8am and 3pm.
  2. I have a hilarious April Fools' Day joke about chemistry, but I don't think it will get a reaction.
  3. I was going to bring nachos for the whole class and tell some jokes, but then I thought: No, that's too cheesy.
  4. I was going to tell you an April Fools' Day joke about sodium, but then I thought, Na, they won't get it.
  5. I'll tell you a funny April Fools' Day joke about my violin, but first, I have to pull some strings.
  6. Knock, knock Who's there? Noah. Noah who? Noah funny April Fools' joke I can share with my next class?
  7. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know April Fools' is on April 1, as is your midterm exam.
  8. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know I have a ton of funny April Fools' Day jokes to share during today's class.
  9. Knock, knock. Who's there? Wooden shoe. Wooden shoe who? Wooden shoe guys like to hear another one of my hilarious April Fools' jokes?
  10. Pop quiz If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Okay, I'll tell you: pilgrims.
  11. What is a snake's favorite subject? Hiss-tory.
  12. What's a synonym for straightforward that you might use on April Fools' Day? Prankly.
  13. Why don't science teachers trust atoms? Because they make up everything.
  14. Why was the math book sad? It had a lot of problems.

Work Jokes

  1. Did you hear about the successful flower company that moved into the building next door? Business is positively blooming.
  2. Did you hear that A and C from accounting were going to prank their friend? But instead they letter B.
  3. How do you start a tough conversation on April 1? If I may speak prankly…
  4. I built this cool thing in my basement over the weekend, he's kind of a weird guy but he loves practical jokes. I think I'll call him Prankenstein.
  5. I have a hilarious April Fools' Day joke about sheep, but you might have herd it before.
  6. I have a super funny April Fools' Day joke about elevators. It works on so many different levels.
  7. I was going to share a hilarious story about this time I was on an airplane during April Fools' Day, but I just don't think it'll fly.
  8. I'd tell you this funny April Fools' Day joke about my pencil, but it's pointless.
  9. I'll tell you a funny April Fools' Day joke about my guitar, but I'll have to pull some strings.
  10. I'm afraid for the calendar. Its days are numbered.
  11. Knock, knock Who's there? Anita. Anita who? Anita know when you're going to pull an April Fools' Day prank on me
  12. Knock, knock Who's there? Otto. Otto who? You otto know I have a ton of funny April Fools' Day jokes to share during today's meeting.
  13. My favorite April Fools' Day prank is pretending I'm not scrolling Instagram when I should be working.
  14. What did Elvis say on April 1? Prank you, prank you very much.
  15. What did the hammer say to the wrench on April 1? April Tool's Day
  16. What is a stepladder's favorite day of the year? April Stools' Day
  17. What kind of jewelry should you give to someone on April 1? April Jewels, of course
  18. What's the difference between Thanksgiving and April Fools' Day? On Thanksgiving, you're thankful and on April Fools' Day, you're prankful.
  19. Which animal loves April Fools' Day the most? A silly goose
  20. Which day of the year do monkeys love the most? The first of Ape-ril
  21. Who needs April Fools' Day when I'm surrounded by jokers like you all the time?
  22. Why was the donkey annoying his coworker? Because it was April Mules' Day
  23. You'll never believe what happened to me on my way into work today. Some guy at the gas station pranked me and then said April Fuels Day

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