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136+ Best Deez Nuts Jokes: A Hilarious Compilation That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Deez nuts jokes have become a popular meme in recent years, bringing laughter and joy to many. These jokes usually involve a play on words, often using "deez nut" as a punchline. If you are looking for a good laugh, then you have come to the right place. We will share some of the best deez nuts jokes that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Laughter is the best medicine, and deez nuts jokes have proven to be a great source of entertainment for many people. These jokes have become a part of pop culture and are often used in social media posts and conversations. In this article, we will share some of the best deez nuts jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

What are Deez Nuts Jokes?

Deez nuts jokes are a type of joke that usually involves a play on words, where "deez nut" is used as a punchline. The phrase "deez nut" is a slang term that originated in hip hop music in the 1990s. It gained mainstream popularity in 2015 when a 15-year-old boy named Brady Olson filed to run for president under the name Deez Nuts as an independent candidate. Since then, deez nuts jokes have become a popular meme on social media.

Why Are Deez Nuts Jokes So Popular?

Deez nuts jokes have become popular because they are simple, funny, and easy to remember. They also provide a way for people to bond over shared humor. Deez nuts jokes are often used in social media posts and conversations, making them a part of pop culture.

The Impact of Deez Nuts Jokes on Society

Deez nuts jokes have become a cultural phenomenon, and they have had a significant impact on society. They have become a way for people to connect and share humor, and they have also been used to challenge societal norms and expectations. Additionally, deez nuts jokes have been used as a form of political satire and commentary.

Deez Nuts Jokes: Love Them or Hate Them?

Like all types of humor, deez nuts jokes are not for everyone. Some people find them offensive or juvenile, while others find them hilarious. However, the widespread popularity of deez nuts jokes suggests that many people enjoy them. Ultimately, whether you love them or hate them, deez nuts jokes have become a part of popular culture and are here to stay.

Best Deez Nuts Jokes

  1. Are tulips your favorite flower? No, not really. Well you are going to love your two lips on deez nuts.
  2. Are you a fan of parodies? Sure. Well, you will love a pair of deez nuts.
  3. Are you a fan of pudding? Yes. How about pudding deez nuts in your mouth?
  4. Are you a squirrel? Because you can have deez nuts.
  5. Are you going this afternoon? Going where? Down on deez nuts.
  6. Are you having both of these? Both of what? Both of deez nuts.
  7. Are you hungry? Want to grab something to eat? Sure. Well, you can have some of deez nuts.
  8. Are you into fitness? Yes. Fit deez nuts in your mouth.
  9. Are you leaving that? Leaving what? Leaving deez nuts in your mouth?
  10. Can I borrow your pen? Why don't you borrow deez nuts?
  11. Can you imagine dragons flying? Yes? Then Imagine dragging deez nuts across your mouth.
  12. Can you move that? Move what? Move deez nuts.
  13. Did you hear about what happened in Norway? No? Norway deez nuts can fit in your mouth.
  14. Did you know I'm moving? Moving where? Moving deez nuts in your mouth.
  15. Do you know a guy named Barry? No. Well, Barry deez nuts.
  16. Do you know Candice? Candice who? Can deez nuts fit in your mouth?
  17. Do you know Howard Dee? No. How-ar deez nuts?
  18. Do you know Justin? Justin Bieber? Justin Time for deez nuts.
  19. Do you know Mr. Felfor? No, why? Because you fell for deez nuts.
  20. Do you know Sakkon? Who? Sakkon deez nuts.
  21. Do you know what 2×4 is? Eight. Well, eight deez nuts
  22. Do you know what they use in movies to imitate the sound of galloping horses? No? Deez nuts.
  23. Do you know what tugboats are? A kind of boat? Yes, tug on deez nuts.
  24. Do you like Dee? Who? lick deez nuts?
  25. Do you like dragons? Yeah. Well, I'll be dragging deez nuts across your face.
  26. Do you like New York Yankees? No. How about you yank on deez nuts.
  27. Do you like Wendy's? Yes, why? Great, you are going to love when deez nuts hit your face.
  28. Do you like Wendys? No. You will when-Deez nuts drag on your forehead.
  29. Do you remember when? When what? When deez nutz were pressed up against your chin.
  30. Do you want to borrow these? Borrow what? Borrow deez nuts.
  31. Do you want to lie down? Lie down on deez nuts.
  32. Do you want to move in? Move in on deez nuts.
  33. Do you want to play with that? Play with what? Play with deez nuts.
  34. Do you want to play? Play what? Play with deez nuts.
  35. Don't sit on that. Sit on what? Sit on deez nuts.
  36. Friend A (Cooking breakfast). Friend B: What is for breakfast today? Friend B: (Showing two eggs) Deez Nuts
  37. Friend A (holding a lot of envelopes and stamps): hey can you help me for a minute and lick that? Friend B: lick what? Friend lick deez nuts
  38. Friend Are you having both of these? Friend B: Both of these what? Friend Both of Deeze Nuts
  39. Friend Dee asked me out yesterday. Friend B: who's Dee? Friend Dee'z Nuts
  40. Friend Did Kenya text you? Friend B: Who's Kenya? Friend Ken-ya fit deez nuts in your mouth?
  41. Friend Did you hear about my friend Willya? Friend B: hmm no Frienc Willya suck Deez Nuts...
  42. Friend do you know Howard Dee? Friend B: nope. Friend C: How-ar Deez Nuts?
  43. Friend do you know Justin? Friend B: Justin Bieber? Friend Justin Time for Deez Nuts
  44. Friend Do you know Landon? Friend B: Landon? No.... Friend Trip, fall and Land-on Deez Nuts
  45. Friend do you know what they use in movies to imitate the sound of galloping horses? Friend No, I don't know. Friend Deez Nuts
  46. Friend Do you know which nuts got bad ratings? Friend B: hmm? Friend Deez nuts
  47. Friend Do you like Imagine Dragons? Friend B: It's not bad. Friend Well, imagine draggon Deez Nuts all over your face.
  48. Friend Do you like parodies? Friend B: Yes, kind of. Me: Well, how about a Pair-o-Deez Nuts?
  49. Friend Do you like pudding? Friend B: Sure. Friend C: Well how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth.
  50. Friend Do you like to eat Wendys? Friend B: Yes why? Friend Because you are going to love Wen-dys nuts hit you in the face.
  51. Friend Do you like tulips? Friend B: Sure, why? Friend Because you are going to love your 'two lips' on Deez Nuts
  52. Friend Do y​ou wanna play with these? Friend B: Play with what? Friend Play with Deez Nuts
  53. Friend Do you want to see bofa? Friend B: What's bofa? Friend Bofa deez nuts
  54. Friend Go get em' tiger. Friend B: Get Who? Friend DEEZ NUTZ
  55. Friend Has anyone told you that you look exactly like Phil? Friend B: Who is Phil? Friend C: Feel deez nuts
  56. Friend Have you ever listened to the Slo-bunnies? Friend B: Slo-bunnies? Friend Yes, Slo-bunnies nuts (Slob On Deez Nuts)
  57. Friend Have you heard of Lee Gandhi? Friend B: Lee Gandhi? Friend Yes, LeeG on dhi's Nuts (Lick on Deez Nuts)
  58. Friend Have you seen the movie Girl Gone Friend B: No. Friend No? probably because your Girl Gone on DN
  59. Friend Hey do you smell something? Friend B: hmm no Friend A (looking puzzled): you can't smell deez nuts?
  60. Friend Hey, are you leaving this? Friend B: Leaving what? Friend C: Leaving Deez Nuts in your mouth
  61. Friend Hey, I think you need some of these. Friend B: Some of these what? Friend Some of Deez Nuts.
  62. Friend Hey, I'm moving. Friend B: You are moving? Friend Yeah, Moving Deez Nuts In Your Mouth
  63. Friend How do cowboys say howdy? Friend B: I don't know... Friend Howdy-s Nuts Taste?
  64. Friend I am going to be a goblin for halloween. Friend B: A goblin? Friend GOBLIN DEEZ NUTS
  65. Friend I can't believe that Sophia speaks Ligondese. Friend B: Ligondese? Friend Yes, Lig-on-dese Nuts
  66. Friend I can't believe they have stayed together for more than 30 years Friend B: Who? Friend Deez nuts
  67. Friend I would like to go to the SEKON convention. Friend B: What's SEKON? Friend SEKON Deez Nuts
  68. Friend I'm sorry that SAKON never called you back. Friend B: Who is SAKON? Friend SAK-ON Deez Nuts
  69. Friend It's hard to talk about it these days. Friend B: Talk about what? Friend Deez Nuts in your mouth.
  70. Friend Knock, knock. Friend B: Who is there? Friend Eaton. Friend B: Eaton who? Friend Eat-on Deez Nuts.
  71. Friend Knock, knock. Friend B: Who's there? Friend Candice. Friend B: Candice who? Friend Can-dice nuts fit in your mouth?
  72. Friend Name the first three letters of the Alphabet. Friend B: A, B, C. Friend D....eez Nuts
  73. Friend ok, really quick... what's 4x2? Friend B: 8 Friend: would you like to 8 deez nuts?
  74. Friend Something came in the mail today for you. Friend B: What? Friend Deez Nuts (Got 'eeem)
  75. Friend Sorry, I can't control it. Friend B: Control what? Friend Control how big Deez Nuts are
  76. Friend We need to soak these. Friend B: Soak what? Friend Soak Deez Nuts
  77. Friend What is this? Friend B: What? I don't know. Friend Theeez Nuts
  78. Friend What's the plural of the word parody Friend B: parodies Friend Pairodeez nuts
  79. Friend Who is Barbie's boyfriend? Friend B: Ken Friend Ken you fit deez nuts in your mouth??
  80. Friend You have UCD right? Friend B: What's UCD? Friend UC-Deez Nuts
  81. Go sit on that over there. Sit on what? Sit on deez nuts.
  82. Guess who I saw hanging out together? Who? Deez nuts.
  83. Guys, I just got diagnosed with SoDN What's that? Suck on deez nuts.
  84. Have you ever been to Chewons? No. What's Chewons? Chew on deez nuts.
  85. Have you ever gone to a trade expo? Yes. Well expose deez nuts then.
  86. Have you heard about that guy Willya? No. Well willya suck deez nuts.
  87. Have you heard of e10? No, what's that? E10 deez nuts.
  88. Have you heard of Putin? Yes, of course. Well, put in deez nuts.
  89. Have you met dee's friend Phillip? Phillip who? Phillip on deez nuts.
  90. Have you seen my new hoodie anywhere? What hoodie? Who deez nuts.
  91. Have you seen that new movie called House of D. No what is it about? It's about a House of Deez nuts.
  92. Have you seen the new movie called Bofa? No, what is it about? Bofa deez nuts.
  93. Hey, are you hungry? Yes. Well you can have some of deez nuts.
  94. Hey, Dee was asking about you. Who is Dee? Deez nuts.
  95. Hey, do you like Chef Boyardee? Who is that? Chef Boy-Are-Deez nuts tasty.
  96. Hey, do you smell that? No? It smells like deez nuts.
  97. Hope is all we have. What are you talking about? Hope deez nuts can fit in your mouth.
  98. How do you say Yes in Spanish? Si? Si deez nuts.
  99. I can't believe they have been together for almost 28 years (your age). Who has? Deez nuts.
  100. I can't control it. Control what? Control how big deez nuts are.
  101. I heard you got two Ds in math. No, I didn't? You got deez nuts.
  102. I heard you like Suko, is that true? Who is Suko? Sukon deez nuts.
  103. I met a person from out of town today. They are Ugondese. Is that a country? Oh, just look up Ugon Deez Nuts.
  104. I need some of these. Some of what? Some of deez nuts.
  105. I think Dee is hitting on me. Who is Dee? Deez Nuts.
  106. I think there's a goblin in my clothes. A goblin? Yes, goblin deez nuts.
  107. I think you need some of these. Some of what? Some of deez nuts.
  108. I wanted to ask you something about KenyWhat? Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth?
  109. I wonder what will happen with DN after the election. What's DN? Deez nuts.
  110. I'm hungry. Well, I have some of Deez nuts.
  111. I'm sorry. Sorry for what? For giving you too much of deez nuts.
  112. If 1 plus 1 equals 2, and apple plus sauce equals applesauce, what's almond plus pistachio? What? The sum of deez nuts.
  113. It's been a long time since we saw Heidi. Heidi who? You can hide deez nuts.
  114. Knock knock, who's there? Grabba? Grabba who? Grabba deez nuts.
  115. Landon is a crazy. Who is Landon? Landon deez nuts.
  116. My back hurts. Why? From carrying around deez nuts.
  117. My favorite type of orange juice is Sunny D. Do you like it? No, I've never tried Sunny D. Sunny deez nuts.
  118. My girlfriend just got diagnosed with DN. Dang, what's DN? Deez nuts.
  119. Name the first three letters of the Alphabet? A, B, C. Deez nuts.
  120. Roses are red, Covid is worse than the flu, can I quarantine deez nuts inside of you?
  121. Something came in the mail today for you. What is it? Deez nuts. (Got ‘eeeem)
  122. Tell Eileen. Eileen who? I'll lean back so you can see deez nuts.
  123. This sucks. What sucks? You suck on deez nuts.
  124. Want to check these out? Check what out? Deez nuts.
  125. We need to soak these. Soak what? Soak deez nuts.
  126. What are you making for lunch? Deez nuts
  127. What do you think about Mandy? Who's Mandy? Man, deez nuts look good.
  128. What is Mr. Peanut's favorite meme? deez nuts.
  129. What is the easiest command you can teach your dog? Roll over? Roll over deez nuts.
  130. What is the easiest command you can teach your dog? Sit down? Sit down on deez nuts.
  131. What kind of nuts get bad grades? deez nuts.
  132. What's for breakfast today? Deez nuts.
  133. Who is Barbie's boyfriend? Ken. Ken you fit deez nuts in your mouth?
  134. Why are B and C afraid of D? Because deez nuts.
  135. Why are you leaving them here? Leaving what? Leaving deez nuts in your mouth.
  136. Would you like 2 CDs? To see deez nuts.
  137. Would you like taste a new ice cream topping? Sure. Well, you can see how deez nuts taste.
  138. Would you like to have some of my goodies? What do you have? A bag of good Deez Nuts.
  139. You have UCD right? What is UCD? UC-Deez nuts.
  140. You missed a bit of that bofa on your cheek. What's bofa? Bofa deez nuts.
  141. You need a break. A break from what? A break from deez nuts.
  142. You need to shut up before you end up like Ken. Ken, who? Can deez nuts fit in your mouth?

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